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College Admissions Officers Are Definitely Checking Your Facebook Page

Maybe the more we get students to understand this happens in regards to their college admission, they will understand it happens when job searching as well!

Twelve percent of admissions counselors told Kaplan that what they found on social networks hurt an applicant’s admissions prospects—particularly when it involved vulgarity, evidence of alcohol consumption or essay plagiarism, or proof of illegal activity. 


"The more I teach and understand about students' lives, the more I see their profound curiosity. But we have to connect with it on their terms. Teaching always involves a meeting among many parties."

I often wonder what student thinking, learning and productivity would be like if educators, of any level, considered the point of view of their students.  I do not mean for an educator to abandon any particular pedagogy on behalf of their students’ personal experiences, responsibilities or preferences, but for these educators to take these things into consideration in order to create a more successful learning environment for their students.

  In relation to 21st Century Campus Culture from The Chronicle of Higher Education


VERY interesting read on schools of education, normal schools and the overall education of educators.

This is the quote I find most interesting.

I find it amazing that in America we let professors teach 18-year-olds without a day of pedagogical training, often in lectures with 500 or more other students, while, simultaneously, regard a myriad of course requirements  essential before a certificate is given to permit teaching 17-year-old kids.

This sounds like a, “professors do just fine without pedagogical training so why do teachers need it?” type of argument.  For me, there’s a huge difference to managing 18+ year olds and managing a group of children.  There’s a difference between teaching the basics of the English language or the basics of arithmetic equations to young student with no concepts or prior knowledge versus teaching subject analysis or research techniques.  I believe wholeheartedly that there is a place for pedagogy training for educators.  Truth be told, the higher education system would probably do a better service to students if their professors did have some sort of pedagogical training prior to taking on a class of any size. 


Recent Grads Struggling to Pay Student Loans

From the time I began student loan payments, after completing my undergraduate degree, I have been fortunate enough to afford each monthly payment.  I was able to defer my payments while attending graduate school but was immediately reminded payments would start two months after I graduated.  As I begin my worry period about how I will afford my grad school student loans, I am also thinking about how much I hope to pay off prior to taking out more for the sake of a doctoral education someday.

My rounded out total for my undergraduate and graduate loans is close to $60K. My current interest rate is 2.125%. I know this is more than amazing and I am very lucky to have this rate considering the amount I took on in order to attend a prominent private school.  That said, my interest rate for my grad school loans will be almost triple than my current rate and I know I’m also looking at bigger monthly payments as well.

I do find all of this debt worth it.  Sure, it is higher than anyone would like for a higher education, but I very much value my education.  The problem with all this student loan debt is that schools and loan companies know how valuable I, and others, find higher education.  This gives them power-power to raise tuition and raise interest rates.  This is also what students are facing upon graduation.  So when you think about all the things on the minds of your students, don’t forget finances may be right at the top!  


Stressed Out Students

Some Highlights

  • Today’s students have the worst emotional health of any student group ever studied.
  • 1 in 5 students has felt too stressed to study or be with friends
  • 26% of students have considered seeing a counselor - only 10% do so


The architect of Joe Paterno’s defense: Jerry Sandusky, center, was once one of the great icons of the Penn State football team, a defensive coordinator who helped define the school’s reputation as a defensive powerhouse before he retired in 1999. Now, his association with the team seems like a giant black mark. Sandusky was arrested Sunday, facing dozens of charges in a sexual abuse case involving eight different boys over 15 years. He wasn’t the only person on the hook: Athletic director Tim Curley and the school’s vice president for finance and business, Gary Schultz, are also expected to be arrested for an alleged cover-up. Paterno himself won’t be charged — when made aware of a case of abuse, he reportedly went to Curley and informed him about it. A tough day for Penn State fans. source

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Here’s a potential case study for my fellow student affairs peeps - former coach arrested for sexual abuse said to have occurred on school property

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"And I have fully lost faith in the leadership of my parents’ generation." Penn State, my final loss of faith By Thomas L. Day

Reading this article made me think about our nation’s struggles in a whole new light.  During grad school I was often annoyed by various conversations, both in and out of class, about Millennials.  We discussed attributes, challenges, and how older generations did not understand Millennials.  I was often bothered about how the conversation rarely turned to take a focused look at said older generations.

Thomas L. Day offers strong examples of how leaders among the Baby Boomber generation have failed our country and society.  I believe he makes it clear to not blame the generation as whole but certainly pegs the leadership of the generation for poor, and often selfish, choices. 

This article will resonate with me for a long time and I hope it resonates with others as well.  I think it would be interesting to see research done about the Baby Boomer’s affects on society, not to direct blame but, to analyze.  As long as the research would go beyond how Baby Boomers will destroy Social Security by their mere volume.

From a higher ed stand point, this article really had my mind churning but this quote in particular, besides the one in this post’s title, made me take pause:

Perhaps the most vivid illustration this week of our leaderless culture came with the riots in State College that followed Paterno’s dismissal. The display resembled Lord of the Flies. Without revered figures from the older generation to lead them, thousands of students at one of the country’s best state universities acted like children home alone.

I among many were disheartened by the protests going on at Penn State last week.  Students were cheering support for a man who ignored child sexual assault allegations of a co-worker while other students were fearful about speaking out against this man’s actions to their peers. With a better understanding of sexual assault and one’s responsibility to report, especially in the case of a child, could we have seen a different reaction from these students?  


Mississippi Sorority Sisters Placed on Probation After Dressing in Blackface

This may have been a Halloween party but what kind of cultural education is happening there, or not happening, that made these girls think it would be okay to do this?


"But what most struck the investigators, according to people with knowledge of the current case, was that the university itself seemed to have done nothing in the wake of the police investigation. Whether that was because other senior officials at Penn State did not know of the investigation or because they knew of it, but chose to do nothing, is a central question for investigators today."

"the university itself seemed to have done nothing in the wake of the police investigation"

This negates EVERYTHING I learned not just in my Higher Ed Law class but in my Capstone course! 

Here’s another blurb to turn your stomach!

Some investigators said they were convinced that the idea that Sandusky had an inappropriate interest in, and relationships with, young boys was a fairly widely held suspicion around and even outside Penn State’s football program over the years.  

“This was not the secret that they are trying to make out now,” one person involved in the inquiry said. “I know there were a number of college coaches that had heard the rumors. If all these people knew about it, how could Sandusky’s superiors not know?”  

In fact, according to McQueary, at least a few did.


"Don’t worry about it, I’m going to spray these kids down."

- Lt. John Pike (according to a pepper-sprayed protester at UC Davis) • Speaking to fellow officers before the infamous pepper-spray incident on Friday. According to the protester, who spoke at length anonymously to Boing Boing, the pepper spray he used was military grade, and it still hurts, two days later. “It’s supposed to be used at a minimum of 15 feet,” the protester told Xeni Jardin. “But he sprayed us at point blank range.” Highly recommend you read Boing Boing’s photo-heavy account of the incident, which is very informative. source (viafollow)

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