"And I have fully lost faith in the leadership of my parents’ generation." Penn State, my final loss of faith By Thomas L. Day

Reading this article made me think about our nation’s struggles in a whole new light.  During grad school I was often annoyed by various conversations, both in and out of class, about Millennials.  We discussed attributes, challenges, and how older generations did not understand Millennials.  I was often bothered about how the conversation rarely turned to take a focused look at said older generations.

Thomas L. Day offers strong examples of how leaders among the Baby Boomber generation have failed our country and society.  I believe he makes it clear to not blame the generation as whole but certainly pegs the leadership of the generation for poor, and often selfish, choices. 

This article will resonate with me for a long time and I hope it resonates with others as well.  I think it would be interesting to see research done about the Baby Boomer’s affects on society, not to direct blame but, to analyze.  As long as the research would go beyond how Baby Boomers will destroy Social Security by their mere volume.

From a higher ed stand point, this article really had my mind churning but this quote in particular, besides the one in this post’s title, made me take pause:

Perhaps the most vivid illustration this week of our leaderless culture came with the riots in State College that followed Paterno’s dismissal. The display resembled Lord of the Flies. Without revered figures from the older generation to lead them, thousands of students at one of the country’s best state universities acted like children home alone.

I among many were disheartened by the protests going on at Penn State last week.  Students were cheering support for a man who ignored child sexual assault allegations of a co-worker while other students were fearful about speaking out against this man’s actions to their peers. With a better understanding of sexual assault and one’s responsibility to report, especially in the case of a child, could we have seen a different reaction from these students?